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(91) 833 29 11155 info@hinduengg.com Amaravathi Road, Guntur

About HCET

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Established 2011

We are being a part of Indian Education system from 1860 (162 Years ago) as a Sanskrit School. Later it was transformed to Town High School i.e., Hindu High School Guntur.

At the peak of Independence movement of our nation, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the then Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University and later the President of India inaugurated the Hindu college in 1935, with a few Science and language courses under the management of Hindu College and High Schools Council Society from which HIndu College Committee provides regular Administration.

After having 11 Institutions including several professional colleges, to provide and to be part of Technical / Engineering education in the modern society, we have established Hindu College of Engineering and Technology at Center of city, Amaravathi Road, Guntur a decade ago.

We as a team of experienced people look forward to provide “Skill Based Technical Engineering Education” to all the students coming around from different places of the country. To develop the students’ knowledge we are equipped with experienced faculty and modern lab facilities.