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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering started in year 2011 with a motto to train & equip the in broad areas of industrial development and entrepreneurship. The department offers Bachelor of Technology program affiliated to JNTU Kakinada. It is formed by a group of experienced & trained faculty members, who will strive the students to reach their goals. The department contained high end lab facilities and infrastructure to carry the students in various stages of laboratory experimentation. The students can really feel the power of understanding the concepts with a real time exposure towards human integrity.

The slogan of EEE is we are the Equipped Energy Engineers.

Role of EEE in modern technological society :

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the development of technologies for generating and harnessing electricity for a wide range of applications. The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century, with the commercialization of the electric telegraph and power supply. The field now covers a range of sub disciplines, including those that deal with power, control systems, electronics, signal processing, and telecommunications. This article treats electronics engineering as a subfield of electrical engineering, though some consider them as two separate fields.
Electrical engineers may work on such things as the construction of electric power stations, the design of telecommunications systems, the wiring and lighting of buildings and transport vehicles, the design of household appliances, or the electrical control of industrial machinery. In this manner, electrical engineering plays a vital role in our modern technological society.


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