As a developing nation our country is a fast growing to build the national assets.  There is a rapid rise in the civic sense of the society and the shelter is playing a prominent role.  As such the nation is looking forward towards the qualified and skilled strength in civil engineering for the services in irrigation, Hydel power and housing fields.  Thus a great demand is awaiting to attract the professionals in Civil Engineering. 

 To meet this demand the College is extending the best education in Civil Engineering to enable the students to make a comfortable life.  We are establishing the Advanced Laboratories to impart the best practical training to equip the students to meet the challenges in employment.


We have made enormous provision for the establishment of Centre of Par Excellence for this course.  Both the subjects of Electrical and Electronics are playing predominant role in the Industry as well as common life of society.  We foresee the continuous and rapid growth in these fields.  We are determined to extend the best education to make every student to have successful career opportunities.


Mechanical Engineering plays key role in every Industrially developing nation.  This core subject has a continuous demand in every field.  The qualified Mechanical Engineers seldom face unemployment.  They will have excellent opportunities anywhere and everywhere.  With this background we made special attention to build Advanced Laboratories and to extend the best education through experienced faculty.


The world has evolved a new concept of Service Industry in the past two decades.  National budget of many advanced countries is showing geometrical increase in the tax income of Service industry.  Electronics & Communications brought the revolution in this sphere.  As the demand is continuously increasing, many students are opting for this course.  In order to prepare the students with skilled knowledge, we are striving hard to provide advanced facilities to make the students update with technical knowledge to gain the best employment opportunities.  We have experienced faculty to take care of every student to become accademically strong.


This is a popular course of importance with the advent of computerization in every field.  Our college established M.C.A. P.G.course about 15 years back and produced many of our students occupied highest positions.  This engineering course also extends the skills to the computer hardware.  We have established separate computer labs with advanced systems duly supported by the best faculty of long standing experience in teaching the hardware as well as software skills.


 The above engineering course require the basic strength of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Fundamentals and Environmental Science.  With this background the universities made it compulsory to every engineering student to acquaint himself with the above subjects in the first year of their study.  In order to make every student strong in the basics of these subjects, we have established modern laboratories and appointed best faculty headed by the persons with rich experience.



Dr. Ch. Ramachandra Rao

Sri Ramachandra Rao a Doctorate in physics who has worked for 40 years in the Hindu Colelge rose to the position of Head of the Department and the Principal. He is supporting the faculty with rich experience.


Dr. P. Ravindranadh

Sri P. Ravindranadh a Doctorate in chemistry who has worked for 35 years in Hindu College rose to the position of Head of the Department.  He is supporting the faculty with his expert experience and knowledge.


Ms. B. Serima

Ms. B. Serima is a post graduate in Mathematics having long years of experience in teaching Mathematics to the engineering students. She is supporting the faculty with her competitive experience.


Mr. G.V. Balakrishna

Mr. G.V. Balakrishna  is Post Graduate in Bio Technology having 15 yrs of experience in teaching. He is teaching Engineering Chemistry and Environimental Science. He is supporting the faculty with his expert experience and knowledge.


  Mr. K.Vijaya Bhaskar

Mr. K.Vijaya Bhaskar is a Post Graduate in english and Master of Philosiphy in English and amicable experience in teaching Engish.  He is supporting the faculty with his competitive experience.

Mr. K.Sanjeeva Rao

Mr. K.Sanjeeva Rao is a Post Graduate in electronics having 7 years of experience in teaching. He is supporting the faculty with his rich experience and knowledge.


Mrs. U. Kalyani

Mrs. U.Kalyani is a Post Graduate and Master of Philisophy in Electronis having rich experience in teaching. She is supporting the faculty with her wide experience and knowledge.





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